We’re happy we make life easier for people every day. What makes us even happier is that we can do this naturally and responsibly.

No nasties!

Good to Go Anywhere products are hypoallergenic and alcohol-free and we pride ourselves on using naturally derived ingredients for our gently foaming wet wipe fornulations.

We love wipes!

We feel that sanitising and cleansing wipes are much more practical and effective than sanitising gels or cleansing fluids - not only do gels always seem to spill in our bags, they also have to be declared at airports when they're in our hand luggage.
And....what's even better about Good to Go Anywhere wipes is that they are flushable and dispersible.  So it's a total wipe up!

Tried and tested

We know our sanitising and cleansing wet wipes are highly effective yet gentle on skin because they have been tested (but not on animals of course!). Our wet wipes passed tests carried out by independent bodies for their effectiveness against germs and were also dermatologically tested with a full risk assessment completed by a registered toxicologist.  

Our packaging and the environment

We believe in trying to minimise our impact as a business on the environment so want to pack our products responsibly. The boxes we use are recyclable as is our online shopping packaging. The sachets can't currently be recycled – but we’re working on it!

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