Travel Solution

We've just been to Brussels on the Eurostar & Good to Go Anywhere saved the day on a number of occasions - they're great for travelling as they're small and light. I've recommended them to all my friends now! V.H

Essential for events and festivals

I took Good to Go Anywhere to a festival recently and was the envy of my friends (and many strangers too!).  They were amazing as we were eating and drinking on the go and also having to contend with awful toilets.  The strips fitted in my pocket and  I didn't have to keep going back to the tent either! Thank you, thank you! Kate

Great for festivals and travelling, bought some for my son when he goes to Reading - L.K

Night out essential

A friend gave me a couple of Good to Go Anywhere when we were on a night out.  So far I've used them to help deal with awful pub toilets, mop up a drink and to freshen up after travelling on the tube. They even fit into a clutch bag!  Jayne, London

Planes and trains...

I put some Good to Go Anywhere in my husband's hand luggage when he went on a recent business trip. Apparently they were brilliant on the plane as the toilets were really awful towards the end of the flight. Next time he says he'll take more!   Claire, Essex

Top for toilet training

I'm toilet training my little girl at the moment.  For a while we've been staying at home as I was worried about undoing all our good work.  Another mum told me about Good to Go Anywhere and they really are great - with just a travel potty and a Good to Go Anywhere I can now easily go anywhere!!!!  Thank you for making a stressed mum's life a bit simpler! Lisa

BFF at school

My mum got some Good to Go Anywhere for me to take to school as the loos are disgusting.  They're great for my blazer pocket.  Tasha


Perfect on the piste

We've just got back from ski-ing...the whole family had Good to Go Anywhere tucked in their ski jackets which was just as well considering the state of the slope toilets.  My daughter also liked the fact they were soft to fall on. Thank you. Jo, Scotland


Puppy club

We've just got a new puppy. I keep Good to Go Anywhere in my pocket so I can wipe my hands after holding dog treats and also clean up little accidents! Margaret


Marathon 'must-have'

I don't know if you saw the pictures of the queues for the loos at the London Marathon but they were huge.  With all those carb-loaded runners using them they weren't best either!.  Fortunately your Good to Go Anywhere strips had everything I needed to make the experience a bit more pleasant...but they didn't help my time though! Ellen

Wipe, GO, wipe, wipe, GO!

My girls now tell me when using a public loo with Good to Go Anywhere to: "wipe, go, wipe, wipe, go".  Wipe the seat, go to the loo, wipe your bottom, wipe your hands and then go!  The strips are a nifty idea and good for us dads who don't like carrying round lots of packs of wipes etc. Dan

Great for Grandparents

I am a Grandparent and I love taking Good to Go Anywhere with us when we take the grandchildren out.  I feel prepared for any hygiene horrors but don't have to carry heavy and bulk stuff around with me.  It's a fab idea as you so often need to just give a table a quick wipe, a nose a quick blow and hands a quick wipe.  Well done for making family life just a bit easier! Patricia


Gold medal!

We took some Good to Go Anywhere with us to the Olympics.  The strips were a brilliant as there was airport-style security checks & we wanted to travel light as we had to carry our bags round all-day. Well done for developing such a sensible product!  Zoe


No more compromises!

Finally - a sensible product that means I don't have to compromise.  I love the fact that unlike most wipes on the market, Good to Go Anywhere wet wipes use naturally derived ingredients but are properly effective against germs.  It's also great that they flush!  I don't use the strips all the time but keeping one in my bag means that I'm always prepared! Michelle


Independence day

My son had started to get very anxious about using public loos after we'd encountered some fairly awful ones.  With Good to Go Anywhere he is now happy to go anywhere(!).  The strips look great and encourage independence.  Thank you! Jenny


Brill for Bootcamp

Just to let you know that I take my Good to Go Anywhere with me when I go out cycling and to fitness bootcamp - they're brill! Jane

Super-convenient sachet strips...

  • Flat or Fold: the strips will lie flat (great for suitcases and iPAD cases!) or you can fold them up along the perforations for a pocket or smaller bag
  • Using the sanitising wipe on a loo seat? In a hurry? Use loo roll or tissue to dry seat it's perfectly safe to sit on too...our motto is harsh on germs, not on you!
  • Not flushing the wipes? No bin? No problem – just pop the wipe back in the opened sachet and dispose of it later.

A clean exit

Of course YOU wash your hands after using the loo, but have you noticed some people don't?  By using a Good to Go Anywhere sanitising hand wipe after leaving the loo area - you don't have to share other people's germs that are all over the toilet door handle!


Did any of these tips help you? Do you have any top tips of your own? Please get in touch with us at


Top Tips


Even better.....

Good to Go Anywhere have got even better!  A new fresh look and new gently foaming wet wipe formulations (naturally derived ingredients of course!).  We love!

The Beauty Bible Loves...

Good to Go Anywhere! We're really thrilled to have been featured in the "Beauty Bible Loves...."

 WOW - Jacqueline Gold is a fan!

Good to Go Anywhere has won the Jacqueline Gold #WOW Award! Jacqueline is the super-successful businesswoman behind the Knickerbox & Ann Summers brands - so we're thrilled that she's a Good to Go Anywhere fan & thinks they're a "great idea".

Written all over their faces!

We're pleased that people now have their love of Good to Go Anywhere written all over their faces!

Bestival Festival Essential!

We're delighted that Good to Go Anywhere have been featured as a festival essential for Bestival

Dog-owner essentials - new stockist news

Dog & Puppy owners love Good to Go Anywhere and they'ree now stocked at Little Pooch Dog Boutique, Puddy Pooch Pet Boutique & Pet Troopers.


Good to Go Anywhere - stocked by Amazon

Good to Go Anywhere are stocked by with free super-saver delivery.

A favourite of beauty columnist Bella Blissett

Good to Go Anywhere are beauty columnist Bella Blissett's "favourite way to ward off in-flight germs".

Festival Essential: Juliet Kinsman (Mr & Mrs Smith)

Good to Go Anywhere is featured by Juliet Kinsman (Editor-in-chief of Mr & Mrs Smith) in her Bestival  Festival essentials!

Mail On Sunday's YOU Magazine: Beauty Buzz

Good to Go Anywhere is featured in The Mail on Sunday's YOU Magazine  in Beauty Buzz as an in-flight essential!

Fly with us!  Latest in Beauty's In-Flight Rescue Kit

Good to Go Anywhere is one of the recommended products in the new Latest In Beauty box along with other travel must-haves from Jurlique, Baptiste, OPI, Xen-Tan and many more top brands!

Shortlisted in PPP Awards 2012/13

We're absolutely thrilled that Good to Go Anywhere with Kids is shortlisted in the prestigious Practical Parenting and Pregnancy Magazine Awards 2012/13 - the biggest parenting awards in the UK.  Our sachet strips are a practical solution to the hygiene problems of life on the go with children so fingers crossed!

Country & Town House Magazine

Good to Go Anywhere is featured in the very glossy Country & Town House Magazine  as a travel, festival and camping must have.

It's a grime crime!

A study into workplace hygiene, has revealed that only one in three British workers wash their hands after each visit to the toilet.  Eeeek!

Dirtiest places – The UK top 10

According to Brits topping the charts of the dirtiest places are public toilets with Chip and Pin readers coming in at number 10.

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