About Us

Life tends to throw the unexpected at you, how can you be prepared for everything?

This was the question we asked ourselves when we first thought about Good to Go Anywhere.

We're passionate about making life easier and safer and we recognised that there's a real hygiene problem with life on the go.

So we wondered if there was a good quality, common-sense product that was convenient to use. And of course it had to be effective, but we also wanted it to use naturally derived ingredients.

We found some products... in big packs or leaky bottles and with lots of nasty ingredients in them. And to be prepared for everything we'd need a bag full of them – so not very convenient.

Could one pocket (or handbag)-sized sachet trio really do everything?* We set to work developing Good to Go Anywhere - our hardworking little strip of individually sealed wet wipes and dry tissues.

It makes us really happy to know that by simply popping our handy trio into your pocket or bag, you really are good to go anywhere!


*The answer is yes! One pocket or handbag-sized handy trio really can do it all.